• Featured ImageTOPMA Results – TXR 4/11/14

    The weather was nice in Kennedale America last night, a little windy, but nice overall. Twelve Pro Mod teams showed up to try their luck at the winner’s circle and here’s how everything unfolded after 2 rounds of qualifying:

    #1 Gaylen Smith – 4.092 at 171 mph (Low ET)
    #2 Steve Wiley – 4.095 at 165 mph
    #3 Eddie Roach – 4.321 at 171 mph
    #4 Tim Cruce – 4.356 at 150 mph
    #5 Kevin Hargett – 4.410 at 182 mph
    #6 Greg Green – 4.685 at 142 mph
    #7 Rodney Parks – 4.760 at 127 mph
    #8 Doug Morales – 4.895 at 115 mph
    #9 Chuck Poindexter – 4.936 at 156 mph
    #10 Darren Inman – 4.959 at 141 mph (Welcome back)
    #11 Charles Letteer – 5.086 at 127 mph
    #12 Perry Dunn – 6.590 at 65 mph

    First Round:

    Steve Wiley (W) 4.121 at 183 mph (.145 RT)
    Rodney Parks (RU) 5.377 at 96 mph (.044 RT)

    Rodney gets the holeshot advantage but it was all HEMI after that.

    Eddie Roach (W) 4.400 at 162 mph (.070 RT)
    Greg Green (RU) 4.600 at 146 mph (.002 RT) Best reaction time

    Greg Green did his job on the starting line but Eddie drove around for the win.

    Kevin Hargett (W) 4.343 at 186 mph (.053 RT) Top MPH
    Tim Cruce (RU) 4.358 at 165 mph (.073 RT)

    This was a close race on paper, an upset win. I didn’t see it because we were the next pair in the staging lanes but we heard the crowd erupt so we knew it was close, later to find out they were probably reacting to Hargett losing the back glass out of his car as a result of the inner-cooler blowing apart inside the car.

    Gaylen Smith (W) 4.226 at 145 mph (.052 RT)
    Doug Morales (RU) 5.099 at 105 mph (.058 RT)

    Both cars left almost together, Smith with the slight advantage, they were on and off the peddle with Gaylen taking the stripe first.


    Steve Wiley (W) 4.171 at 183 mph (.115 RT)
    Eddie Roach (RU) 8.218 at 55 mph (.045 RT)

    Eddie was away first but encountered tire shake and Wiley cruises by for the win.

    Gaylen Smith (W) 4.173 at 177 mph (.180 RT) Competition bye
    Kevin Hargett (RU) No Time

    Since we had a competition bye, we tried something a little different on the tune-up (which didn’t work by the way)! Went back to do normal routine maintenance on the car and found a broke rocker arm which in turn mushroomed a pushrod so we thrashed to get that fixed, borrowing one from Wiley, our competition for the final. Wiley also came down and helped us change it (I Love the TOPMA camaraderie).


    Steve Wiley (W) 4.093 at 183 mph (.022 RT)
    Gaylen Smith (RU) 4.157 at 154 mph (.118 RT)

    Wiley gets away first and never looks back taking the win. Congrats to Steve Wiley and Team TGR on their back to back wins. I also want to congratulate our team on their runner-up finish. After missing the first race of the season we were stoked to get back at it but it didn’t come without issues. We were fighting little demons every round and came away with a runner-up finish so we are very pleased.

    Photos can be seen at http://prostockcars.zenfolio.com/p1049342503



  • Featured ImageTexas Raceway March Results

    After a very long, cold winter it was evident that every drag racer and fan had cabin fever because the TOPMA season opener at Texas Raceway had a big car count and an even bigger fan count. The weather was decent but some would think this was a Friday the 13th. There was a couple of oil downs including anti-freeze spills out of the test and tune lanes which led to several lengthy clean-ups and a couple of mishaps leading to contact with the wall on two occasions out of the Pro Mod lanes added to the clean-ups which pushed us up against father time. The Pro Mods completed two rounds of qualifying and had enough time to run a final round between #1 and #2 qualifiers. Here’s how qualifying ended up:

    #1 Doug Riesterer – 4.150 at 183 mph (Low ET and Top MPH)
    #2 Steve Wiley – 4.199 at 157 mph
    #3 Brandon Lewis – 4.363 at 151 mph
    #4 Doug Morales – 4.371 at 167 mph
    #5 Rodney Parks – 4.581 at 139 mph
    #6 Bob Alexander – 4.618 at 113 mph
    #7 Gaylen Smith – 4.718 at 148 mph
    #8 Chuck Poindexter – 4.860 at 150 mph (Best Reaction Time)
    #9 Charles Letteer – 4.866 at 116 mph
    #10 Kevin Hargett – 5.057 at 140 mph
    #11 Robert Rankin – 5.427 at 101 mph
    #12 Perry Dunn – 5.953 at 69 mph
    #13 Mat Thomas – 5.956 at 81 mph
    #14 Shane Thompson – 6.236 at 110 mph
    #15 Chad Sheffield – 6.906 at 56 mph
    #16 Eddie Roach – 12.794 at 46 mph
    #17 Tim Cruce – 18.44 at 23 mph
    #18 Jackie Deaver – NT

    Steve Wiley (W) 5.268 at 95 mph (.126 RT)
    Doug Riesterer (RU) 4.792 at 106 mph (-.011 RT) Redlight

    Congratulations to Steve Wiley and the TGR Crew on your victory and Doug Riesterer and crew for your runner-up finish as well.

    Photos can be seen at:

    Toyse Woody Motorsports Photography - http://prostockcars.zenfolio.com/p494508701


    Jeff Helmkamp Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/jeff.helmkamp/media_set?set=a.640273152674911.1073741885.100000766978880&type=3

    Videos at Randy Hall YouTube Page – http://www.youtube.com/user/silvrram

  • Featured Image2014 TOPMA Points Schedule

    • March 14 Texas Raceway
    • April 11 Texas Raceway
    • April 12 Sealy (tentative)
    • May 9 Texas Raceway
    • May 31 San Antonio
    • June 13 Texas Raceway
    • July 11 Texas Raceway
    • August 8 Texas Raceway
    • August 16 Thunder Valley (OK) (tentative)
    • August 30 San Antonio
    • September 12 Texas Raceway
    • October 10 Texas Raceway

  • Featured ImageTexas Raceway Results – October 11, 2013

    Well, this is it. The final points race of the season. The championship would be settled tonight. After 2 rounds of qualifying, here’s how it all unfolded.

    #1 Gaylen Smith – 3.934 at 188 mph
    #2 Doug Riesterer – 4.072 at 182 mph
    #3 Steve Wiley – 4.138 at 158 mph **Winner of Bonu$ money for closest to 4.15 during qualifying.
    #4 Eric Clark – 4.264 at 151 mph **Winner of Bonu$ money for closest to 4.30 during qualifying.
    #5 Frankie Taylor – 4.418 at 154 mph
    #6 Tim Cruce – 4.451 at 168 mph
    #7 Eddie Roach – 4.525 at 162 mph
    #8 Jay Ligon – 4.542 at 153 mph
    #9 Shane Thompson – 4.615 at 151 mph
    #10 Chuck Poindexter – 4.644 at 145 mph **Best Reaction Time
    #11 Perry Dunn – 4.817 at 105 mph
    #12 Kevin Hargett – 6.134 at 82 mph
    #13 Greg Green – 6.197 at 74 mph

    First round:

    Steve Wiley (W) 4.056 at 183 mph (.044 RT)
    Tim Cruce (RU) 4.924 at 119 mph (.146 RT)

    Wiley sat out 2nd round of qualifying to fix the zoomie he broke during first round of qualifying. Both cars peddled but Wiley came out on top.

    Doug Riesterer (W) 4.317 at 137 mph (.103 RT)
    Eddie Roach (RU) 4.458 at 160 mph (.030 RT)

    This was a pretty close race on the track due to the reaction times. Doug was playing catch up and in the process he might have burnt something up. Eddie got the holeshot, but it wasn’t enough to hold off the monster motor in the other lane.

    Gaylen Smith (W) 4.044 at 184 mph (.079 RT)
    Jay Ligon (RU) 9.141 at 53 mph (.028 RT)

    Jay gets the advantage on the tree but immediately blew the tires off and got sideways. Gaylen was trying a new combination and streaks by for the off-paced win. Note to self: This combination doesn’t work!

    Frankie Taylor (W) 3.901 at 194 mph (.029 RT)
    Eric Clark (RU) 3.980 at 152 mph (.035 RT)

    Frankie gets the advantage off the tree and never looks back. Clark improved on his qualifying effort but it just wasn’t enough.


    Steve Wiley (W) 4.114 at 168 mph (.110 RT) *Competition Bye
    Doug Riesterer (RU) No Time

    Doug hurt the motor in first round and was unable to make the call giving Wiley a bye run into the finals.

    Frankie Taylor (W) 3.897 at 186 mph (.056 RT)
    Gaylen Smith (RU) 4.010 at 167 mph (.059 RT)

    Both cars left pretty close together but Frankie pulls away for the win.


    Frankie Taylor (W) 3.894 at 196 mph (.066 RT) *Low ET & Top MPH
    Steve Wiley (RU) 3.941 at 183 mph (.075 RT)

    Wiley steps it up in the finals but it wasn’t enough to overcome the slight starting line advantage or the Hemi in the other lane.

    Congratulations to Team Taylor for their victory and to Steve Wiley and Team TGR for their runner-up finish as well.

    Congratulations to Gaylen Smith and Team TBH for the 3-peat TOPMA championship! This makes Gaylen and company a 5 time TOPMA champion which is not easy to do with all the stout competition out there!! (2003/2004; 2011/2012/2013) I’m one very proud wife!

    Photo Gallery is at http://prostockcars.zenfolio.com/topmatxroct2013