• Friday the 13th at Texas Raceway

    Friday the 13th brought out 16 Pro Mod teams to try and knock the Texas Grim Reaper from the top spot but would this night be just what the Reaper needed? A full moon at that. After two rounds of qualifying, here’s how everything unfolded.

    #1 Doug “The Mad Scientist” Riesterer – 3.977 at 186 mph
    #2 Steve “Texas Grim Reaper” Wiley – 4.003 at 194 mph
    #3 Bob “Team Bob” Alexander – 4.021 at 193 mph
    #4 Eric “Clark Bros.” Clark – 4.043 at 191 mph
    #5 Gaylen “Texas Bounty Hunter” Smith – 4.111 at 176 mph
    #6 Spencer “Cornbread” Johnson – 4.351 at 170 mph
    #7 Marc “The Boss” McClaskey – 4.406 at 170 mph
    #8 Doug Morales – 4.450 at 174 mph
    #9 David Baldwin – 4.503 at 163 mph
    #10 Harry “Macho Man” Crane – 4.616 at 138 mph
    #11 Brian Heath – 4.734 at 145 mph
    #12 Kevin Hargett – 5.009 at 168 mph
    #13 Wayne Welch – 5.055 at 157 mph
    #14 Rodney Parks – 5.177 at 145 mph
    #15 Chuck “Luvamaro” Poindexter – 5.218 at 157 mph *Best Reaction Time Qualifying (?) .019*
    #16 Perry Dunn – NT

    Before I go any further, I received the Q1 sheet twice so I don’t have the Q2 sheet to know if anyone bettered the .019 Chuck posted in Q1. Please let me know if you had better than a .019 RT in Q2.

    First Round:

    Bob Alexander (W) 4.190 at 156 mph (.025 RT)
    Spencer Johnson (RU) 5.725 at 102 mph (.081 RT)

    Bob was on a great run and then the parachute came out shortly after half track. Spencer had his own issues in the Smith Motorsports lane.

    Gaylen Smith (W) 3.910 at 183 mph (.077 RT)
    Eric Clark (RU) 4.745 at 114 mph (.020 RT)

    Eric left first but encountered tire shake and lifted, meanwhile, Gaylen was making a nice clean run for the win.

    Steve Wiley (W) 3.896 at 198 mph (.118 RT)
    Marc McClaskey (RU) 7.373 at 87 mph (.625 RT) Wake up Marc!

    Not sure what happened here but clearly Wiley was on a great run.

    Doug Riesterer (W) 3.905 at 188 mph (.084 RT) *Low ET Nitrous*
    Harry Crane (RU) 13.009 at 58 mph (1.140 RT)

    Again, not sure what happened but it didn’t much matter with the run Doug laid down. Harry Crane filled in for Doug Morales.

    Semi Finals:

    Steve Wiley (W) 3.894 at 199 mph (.065 RT) *Low ET & Top MPH Blown*
    Bob Alexander (RU) 7.323 at 61 mph (.000 RT) *Best Reaction Time Eliminations*

    It was over when Steve hit the skinny pedal. Bob did a bad job of red lighting (a perfect light).

    Doug Riesterer (W) 3.934 at 190 mph (.137 RT) *Top MPH Nitrous*
    Gaylen Smith (RU) 4.033 at 165 mph (.081 RT)

    Gaylen was out on Doug and he felt a vibration so he lifted and Doug was right there to snatch the win away.


    Steve Wiley (W) 4.824 at 114 mph (.068 RT)
    Doug Riesterer (RU) 9.399 at ?? mph (.059 RT)

    Doug’s car had a nitrous backfire at the hit and Steve was on and off the throttle claiming the win.

    Congrats to Steve Wiley and the entire TGR team for their well deserved victory on Friday the 13th. Congrats to Doug Riesterer for his runner-up finish as well. The TGR team also thanked everyone who bought a raffle ticket or a bake sale item or simply just donated to the Jaxon Anthony Foundation. The goodies were yummy! I had a few different items myself.


  • 2016 Season Opener at Texas Raceway

    After what seemed to be an eternal winter break, and then a rain delay, the season opener of the Texas Outlaw Pro Mods finally happened. Fifteen teams came out of hibernation ready to get a new year started. After two rounds of qualifying, here’s how everything unfolded.

    #1 Steve Wiley – 3.837 at 198.00 mph
    #2 Bob Alexander – 3.993 at 193 mph
    #3 Gaylen Smith – 4.106 at 150 mph
    #4 Perry Dunn – 4.220 at 188 mph
    #5 Jay Ligon – 4.240 at 169 mph
    #6 James Satterwhite – 4.268 at 177 mph **Low ET & Top MPH nitrous**
    #7 Kevin Hargett – 4.336 at 175 mph
    #8 David Baldwin – 4.503 at 162 mph
    #9 Marc McClaskey – 4.504 at 163 mph
    #10 Eric Clark – 4.794 at 149 mph
    #11 Wayne Welch – 4.797 at 160 mph
    #12 Chuck Poindexter – 4.894 at 150 mph **Best Reaction time qualifying** (.004 RT)
    #13 Alfred Whiteside – 5.112 at 132 mph
    #14 Rodney Parks – 5.569 at 113 mph
    #15 Eddie Roach – 6.686 at 68 mph

    First round:

    Steve Wiley (W) 3.836 at 197 mph (.071 RT) **Low ET Blown**
    David Baldwin (RU) 6.510 at 74 mph (.066 RT)

    Wiley came out of the trailer with something to prove. Baldwin was unable to get a big enough jump on him at the light and it was all over shortly after launch.

    Jay Ligon (W) 8.932 at 50 mph (1.11 RT) Competition bye
    Perry Dunn (RU) N/T

    Perry Dunn did his burnout and kept going giving the Army Truck a competition bye into the semi’s.

    James Satterwhite (W) 4.300 at 170 mph (.165 RT)
    Marc McClaskey (RU) 6.764 at 87 mph (.202 RT)

    Marc was first alternate and he filled in for Gaylen Smith who broke the rear-end in 2nd round qualifying. Neither driver looked like they were in a hurry to leave but James did get the headstart and kept it all the way down track claiming the round win.

    Bob Alexander (W) 3.989 at 194 mph (.076 RT)
    Kevin Hargett (RU) 4.446 at 173 mph (.104 RT)

    Team Bob also came out of the trailer looking like they had unfinished business to take care of. Alexander’s car was tied to a string all night. Hargett was on an off-paced run and couldn’t hold off the hard charging “Team Bob” Chevy Camaro in the other lane.


    Steve Wiley (W) 3.991 at 157 mph (.071 RT)
    Jay Ligon (RU) 5.319 at 113 mph (.033 RT)

    Wiley overcomes a starting line disadvantage to take the win.

    Bob Alexander (W) 3.971 at 195 mph (.059 RT) Competition bye
    James Satterwhite (RU) N/T

    James burnt a piston first round and was unable to make the call. Team Bob made another nice run.


    Bob Alexander (W) 3.935 at 198 mph (.026 RT) **Best Reaction time eliminations**
    Steve Wiley (RU) 3.945 at 198.38 mph (-.157 RT) **Foul**/**Top MPH Blown**

    This was the race of the night. It doesn’t get much better than this (for Bob). Looking good Bob!!! Congratulations to Team Bob for their win and also to Steve Wiley and Team TGR for their runner-up finish as well.


  • October Final TOPMA Race Results from Texas Raceway

    October FINAL Results
    It all comes down to this night. Coming into this race, the top three cars are only separated by 17 points. Steve Wiley and the Texas Grim Reaper sitting on top with 416 points, then Bob Alexander with 403 and Gaylen Smith in the Texas Bounty Hunter was in 3rd with 399 points. Back to a Friday night, twelve teams showed up to finalize the top 8 in points and here’s how everything unfolded after two rounds of qualifying. Remember, bonus points are very critical at this point.

    #1 Bob Alexander – 3.979 at 184 mph **Best reaction time** (.002 RT)
    #2 Steve Wiley – 4.124 at 165 mph
    #3 Gaylen Smith – 4.170 at 137 mph
    #4 David Baldwin – 4.325 at 168 mph
    #5 Kevin Hargett – 4.378 at 179 mph
    #6 Doug Riesterer – 4.550 at 118 mph
    #7 James Satterwhite – 4.618 at 134 mph
    #8 Eddie Roach – 4.796 at 122 mph
    #9 Alfred Whiteside – 6.628 at 73 mph
    #10 Jay Ligon – 7.485 at 93 mph
    #11 Perry Dunn – No Time
    #12 Chuck Poindexter – No Time

    First Round:

    Bob Alexander (W) 4.005 at 183 mph (.054 RT)
    Eddie Roach (RU) 16.677 at 38 mph (.298 RT)

    Not sure what happened to Eddie but Bob had the “eye of the tiger”! He was focused on the prize!

    Steve Wiley (W) 3.899 at 195 mph (.007 RT) **Low ET and Top MPH**
    James Satterwhite (RU) 4.431 at 157 mph (.175 RT)

    Wiley left first and never looked back. He also had his game face on…

    Kevin Hargett (W) 4.285 at 189 mph (.743 RT)
    David Baldwin (RU) NT

    Baldwin encountered problems and didn’t make the run so Kevin gets a competition bye into the semi’s with a nice run!

    Gaylen Smith (W) 3.952 at 189 mph (.150 RT)
    Doug Riesterer (RU) 4.084 at 159 mph (.087 RT)

    Neither car made great runs during qualifying but both seemed to have figured it out on this run with Gaylen taking the win.


    Bob Alexander (W) 3.998 at 185 mph (.076 RT)
    Kevin Hargett (RU) 4.309 at 176 mph (.129 RT)

    Bob still had his game face on and makes another stellar run landing him in the finals. Who will be his competition between Gaylen and Wiley? According to the stands, it would be Wiley….

    Gaylen Smith (W) 3.967 at 183 mph (.029 RT)
    Steve Wiley (RU) 4.148 at 175 mph (.011 RT)

    According to the scoreboard, it was Gaylen Smith meeting up with Bob in the finals!


    Gaylen Smith (W) 3.940 at 190 mph (.084 RT)
    Bob Alexander (RU) 8.671 at 59 mph (.056 RT)

    Bob was going for the win and had it stepped up a little too much and got crossed up shortly after launch and Gaylen streaked by for the win.

    At the beginning of the year, posted on our schedule, we implemented a 2 race waive rule which means ALL drivers have to drop their two worst races. After adding in bonus points for perfect attendance and waiving 2 races, Gaylen Smith and Team TBH came out on top for another championship, their 5th in a row and 7th overall since the inception of TOPMA. Congratulations to Team TBH and Gaylen Smith for the race win and the overall TOPMA championship. All the overnight parts earlier in the year paid off.

    Congratulations to Bob Alexander and the Striptec Team for the runner-up on the track and also for finishing #2 in the overall points.

    Congratulations also go out to Steve Wiley and the Texas Grim Reaper Team for winning the Texas Raceway championship.

    Congratulations to David Baldwin for winning the Nitrous Championship and James Satterwhite for the runner-up!

    Thanks to Cindi and Dave and the entire staff of Texas Raceway for a great track and support all year long.


  • Texas Outlaw Pro Modified Association 2015 Final Points Standing

    Final Points Standings!!

    Ranking Driver Name
    1 Gaylen Smith 441
    2 Bob Alexander 434
    3 Steve Wiley 423
    4 Kevin Hargett 224
    5 David Baldwin 184
    6 Charles Letteer 173
    7 James Satterwhite 171
    8 Marcus Landeros 152
    9 Doug Riesterer 144
    10 Jay Ligon 136
    11 Perry Dunn 135
    12 Chuck Poindexter 113
    13 Greg Green 110
    14 Eric Clark 83
    15 Eddie Roach 79
    16 Jon Stouffer 66
    17 Chad Sheffield 59
    18 Brian Barnett 54
    19 Swyden Racing 33
    20 Rick Cate 33
    21 Dennis Hendrix 33
    22 Dwayne Muensterman 33
    23 EJ Hickl 29
    24 Steve Harvey 23
    25 Mat Thomas 22
    26 Don Wootton 11
    27 Robert Elliott 11
    28 Scott Javres 11
    29 Tony Foulks 11
    30 Troy Scott 11
    31 Darren Inman 11
    32 Shannon Coan 11
    33 Alfred Whiteside 11
    34 Harry Crane 10