• Texas Raceway July 23 Results

    On a VERY hot July afternoon, thirteen Pro Mod teams from all over braved the unbearable temperatures and invaded Texas Raceway in Kennedale, America. Around 4:00 the water trucks were brought in to cool the 155 degree track temperature down to hopefully make it more manageable on the tuners and drivers to navigate their way down the 1/8 mile. First round qualifying started about 7:30 and after two rounds of qualifying, here’s how everything unfolded.

    #1 Jay Ligon – 4.089 at 185 mph
    #2 Brandon Lewis – 4.138 at 157 mph
    #3 Bob Alexander – 4.151 at 186 mph (Top MPH Blown)
    #4 Eric Clark – 4.250 at 142 mph
    #5 David Baldwin – 4.268 at 173 mph (Top MPH Nitrous)
    #6 Gaylen Smith – 4.349 at 129 mph
    #7 Jeff Naiser – 4.423 at 143 mph
    #8 Steve Wiley – 4.453 at 122 mph
    #9 Wayne Welch – 4.740 at 152 mph
    #10 Chuck Poindexter – 4.853 at 156 mph (Best reaction time, Qualifying)
    #11 Eddie Roach – 8.156 at 54 mph
    #12 Marc McClaskey – 13.791 at ?? MPH
    #13 Bobby Booth – NT

    Unfortunately Marc McClaskey got in his own water and ended up impacted the wall ending his night (and maybe the rest of the season). Marc was okay (thankfully) but the “Angry Bird” looked pretty angry.

    Welcome back Bobby Booth! I know you didn’t get to make a pass but we were glad to see you dusted off the beautiful ‘ole hot rod and brought her out again! Hopefully we’ll see more of you this season!

    First Round:

    Eric Clark (W) 5.375 at 84 mph (.032 RT)
    David Baldwin (RU) 4.288 at 172 mph (-.086 RT) Red Light

    Not sure if Eric saw his win light on and lifted or if he didn’t make it down the track under power but either way, it was win for the Clark Bros. team.

    Jay Ligon (W) 4.071 at 179 mph (.017 RT)
    Steve Wiley (RU) 4.335 at 130 mph (.016 RT) Best reaction time, Eliminations)

    Wiley’s numbers were better all the way down track until the blower popped but when it mattered most, Jay Ligon’s numbers were good enough for the win.

    Gaylen Smith (W) 3.992 at 177 mph (.090 RT) (Low ET Blown)
    Bob Alexander (RU) 4.149 at 185 mph (.078 RT)

    This was a close race. Gaylen moved over towards the wall but was able to power through for the win. I’m not gonna lie, after the struggles we’ve experienced pretty much all year, this felt like a huge win for us. We were on a nice lap second round qualifying but then shortly after half track we spit the top pulley off.

    Jeff Naiser (W) 5.442 at 89 mph (-.005 RT)
    Brandon Lewis (RU) 6.503 at 76 mph (-.278 RT)

    It looked like Naiser was going to get a competition bye run but then Brandon gets his Blown ’57 fired up in time to make the call only to end his night with a red light. Naiser would have been red as well, but the first or worst rule came into play.


    Jay Ligon (W) 4.031 at 183 mph (.076 RT)
    Eric Clark (RU) 4.125 at 174 mph (.051 RT)

    Eric had a slight holeshot advantage but was unable to hold off the hard charging Army Truck. Another great side by side race.

    Gaylen Smith (W) 4.060 at 178 mph (.094 RT)
    Jeff Naiser (RU) 4.227 at 170 mph (.018 RT)

    Another great side by side race with Smith getting to the stripe first.


    Jay Ligon (W) 4.052 at 183 mph (.122 RT)
    Gaylen Smith (RU) 13.530 at No mph (.065 RT)

    Gaylen got the jump but as soon as he hit the loud peddle, the top pulley came off again and looked like a game of ping pong bouncing off the front end and inner wall. Ligon was on another consistent run and claims his first TOPMA victory!

    Congratulations to Jay Ligon and the entire U.S. Army Truck team for their well deserved first victory and also to Gaylen Smith and the Texas Bounty Hunter team for their hard fought runner-up finish as well. See y’all at the track in a couple of weeks on August 13th. Let’s everyone put in an order for some cooler temps in August (I can dream, can’t I?)


  • Points Update after Race 6

    Points update after race 6.

    1 Steve Wiley 301
    2 Bob Alexander 227
    3 Gaylen Smith 219
    4 Eric Clark 184
    5 EJ Hickl 124
    6 Jay Ligon 124
    7 David Baldwin 112
    8 Marc McClaskey 103
    9 Doug Riesterer 91
    10 Chuck Poindexter 82
    11 James Satterwhite 73
    12 Kevin Hargett 71
    13 Wayne Welch 71
    14 Perry Dunn 70
    15 Eddie Roach 58
    16 Bill Doucet 37
    17 Jeff Naiser 36
    18 Spencer Johnson 35
    19 Rodney Parks 22
    20 Doug Morales 22
    21 Alfred Whiteside 11
    22 Harry Crane 11
    23 Brian Heath 11
    24 Dennis Sugrue 11
    25 James Shafer 11
    26 Travis Brandt 11
    27 Shannon Coan 11
    28 Frankie Taylor 10

  • Texas Raceway Results June 11

    San Antonio results are not finalized yet as I am still waiting on 2 reports in order to finalize the results/points. Kennedale’s results from Saturday night are below.

    Summer showers were all around us but the sun was shining down on Texas Raceway when the 12 teams started rolling in the gate. We had some unfinished business from San Antonio on May 28th to tend to so 2nd round qualifying EJ Hickl and Bob Alexander lined up beside each other to determine who would get the win and bragging rights from the SA race. EJ was away first and never looked back.

    San Antonio Finals:

    EJ Hickl (W) 4.041 at 180 mph (.020 RT) **Best reaction time eliminations** (?)
    Bob Alexander (RU) 4.129 at 188 mph (.040 RT)

    Qualifying order from Kennedale after two rounds

    #1 Steve Wiley – 3.909 at 197 mph
    #2 Eric Clark – 3.959 at 198 mph **Best reaction time qualifying** ( .005)
    #3 EJ Hickl – 3.996 at 186 mph
    #4 Bob Alexander – 4.129 at 188 mph
    #5 Gaylen Smith – 4.136 at 178 mph
    #6 David Baldwin – 4.254 at 172.63 mph **Low ET Nitrous**
    #7 Jay Ligon – 4.315 at 180 mph
    #8 Eddie Roach – 4.335 at 172.67 mph **Top MPH Nitrous**
    #9 James Satterwhite – 4.400 at 169 mph
    #10 Marc McClaskey – 4.445 at 169 mph
    #11 Wayne Welch – 4.725 at 154 mph
    #12 Chuck Poindexter – 4.764 at 157 mph

    First Round:

    Steve Wiley (W) 3.892 at 200 mph (.116 RT) **Low ET and Top MPH Blown**
    Eddie Roach (RU) NT

    Eddie did a burn out but couldn’t back up so his crew ran out and pushed him back giving Wiley a completion bye run (as if he needed it).

    EJ Hickl (W) 3.996 at 181 mph (.033 RT)
    David Baldwin (RU) 5.417 at 90 mph (-.009 RT) Red light

    Baldwin was going for the holeshot win but misjudged the tree by 9 thousandths. EJ cruised through for the win.

    Eric Clark (W) 3.969 at 195 mph (.074 RT)
    Jay Ligon (RU) 4.311 at 140 mph (.022 RT) **Best reaction time eliminations**

    Bob Alexander (W) 4.106 at 186 mph (.023 RT)
    James Satterwhite (RU) 4.373 at 163 mph (.039 RT)

    James filled in for Gaylen since we broke the converter during qualifying and was unable to make the call. Bob proved to be a little too much for Satterwhite as he takes the win.


    Steve Wiley (W) 7.404 at 56 mph (.095 RT)
    Bob Alexander (RU) 4.107 at 186 mph (-.075 RT) Red light

    Steve launched and had to shut it down but I’m sure he saw his win light on so he coasted through for the win.

    EJ Hickl (W) 4.722 at 113 mph (.229 RT)
    Eric Clark (RU) 3.978 at 192 mph (-.055 RT) Red light

    Clark throws away a nice run by leaving too soon. EJ is heading to his 2nd final of the night.


    EJ Hickl (W) 4.109 at 178 mph (.095 RT)
    Steve Wiley (RU) 4.978 at 106 mph (.025 RT)

    Both cars had to peddle a little but EJ was able to gather his up quicker claiming his 2nd victory in one night.

    Congrats to EJ and Kimberly Hickl and the Crime Boss crew for their stellar performance tonight claiming the win from the San Antonio race and also for Kennedale’s race. Great job guys.

    Also, a big congrats to Steve Wiley and team TGR for their runner-up finish and stellar performance on and off the track after crashing their car just 2 weeks ago. Great job!!

    As soon as I get the two reports I’m missing from San Antonio, I’ll post their results and update the points through Kennedale’s race.



  • Friday the 13th at Texas Raceway

    Friday the 13th brought out 16 Pro Mod teams to try and knock the Texas Grim Reaper from the top spot but would this night be just what the Reaper needed? A full moon at that. After two rounds of qualifying, here’s how everything unfolded.

    #1 Doug “The Mad Scientist” Riesterer – 3.977 at 186 mph
    #2 Steve “Texas Grim Reaper” Wiley – 4.003 at 194 mph
    #3 Bob “Team Bob” Alexander – 4.021 at 193 mph
    #4 Eric “Clark Bros.” Clark – 4.043 at 191 mph
    #5 Gaylen “Texas Bounty Hunter” Smith – 4.111 at 176 mph
    #6 Spencer “Cornbread” Johnson – 4.351 at 170 mph
    #7 Marc “The Boss” McClaskey – 4.406 at 170 mph
    #8 Doug Morales – 4.450 at 174 mph
    #9 David Baldwin – 4.503 at 163 mph
    #10 Harry “Macho Man” Crane – 4.616 at 138 mph
    #11 Brian Heath – 4.734 at 145 mph
    #12 Kevin Hargett – 5.009 at 168 mph
    #13 Wayne Welch – 5.055 at 157 mph
    #14 Rodney Parks – 5.177 at 145 mph
    #15 Chuck “Luvamaro” Poindexter – 5.218 at 157 mph *Best Reaction Time Qualifying (?) .019*
    #16 Perry Dunn – NT

    Before I go any further, I received the Q1 sheet twice so I don’t have the Q2 sheet to know if anyone bettered the .019 Chuck posted in Q1. Please let me know if you had better than a .019 RT in Q2.

    First Round:

    Bob Alexander (W) 4.190 at 156 mph (.025 RT)
    Spencer Johnson (RU) 5.725 at 102 mph (.081 RT)

    Bob was on a great run and then the parachute came out shortly after half track. Spencer had his own issues in the Smith Motorsports lane.

    Gaylen Smith (W) 3.910 at 183 mph (.077 RT)
    Eric Clark (RU) 4.745 at 114 mph (.020 RT)

    Eric left first but encountered tire shake and lifted, meanwhile, Gaylen was making a nice clean run for the win.

    Steve Wiley (W) 3.896 at 198 mph (.118 RT)
    Marc McClaskey (RU) 7.373 at 87 mph (.625 RT) Wake up Marc!

    Not sure what happened here but clearly Wiley was on a great run.

    Doug Riesterer (W) 3.905 at 188 mph (.084 RT) *Low ET Nitrous*
    Harry Crane (RU) 13.009 at 58 mph (1.140 RT)

    Again, not sure what happened but it didn’t much matter with the run Doug laid down. Harry Crane filled in for Doug Morales.

    Semi Finals:

    Steve Wiley (W) 3.894 at 199 mph (.065 RT) *Low ET & Top MPH Blown*
    Bob Alexander (RU) 7.323 at 61 mph (.000 RT) *Best Reaction Time Eliminations*

    It was over when Steve hit the skinny pedal. Bob did a bad job of red lighting (a perfect light).

    Doug Riesterer (W) 3.934 at 190 mph (.137 RT) *Top MPH Nitrous*
    Gaylen Smith (RU) 4.033 at 165 mph (.081 RT)

    Gaylen was out on Doug and he felt a vibration so he lifted and Doug was right there to snatch the win away.


    Steve Wiley (W) 4.824 at 114 mph (.068 RT)
    Doug Riesterer (RU) 9.399 at ?? mph (.059 RT)

    Doug’s car had a nitrous backfire at the hit and Steve was on and off the throttle claiming the win.

    Congrats to Steve Wiley and the entire TGR team for their well deserved victory on Friday the 13th. Congrats to Doug Riesterer for his runner-up finish as well. The TGR team also thanked everyone who bought a raffle ticket or a bake sale item or simply just donated to the Jaxon Anthony Foundation. The goodies were yummy! I had a few different items myself.