• Points update after race 3

    Points update after race 3

    1 Gaylen Smith 149
    2 Doug Riesterer 141
    3 Steve Wiley 115
    4 John Sullivan Jr 84
    5 Bob Alexander 70
    6 Eric Clark 66
    7 Tony Strachan 65
    8 Jim Brinkerhoff 64
    9 Bill Doucet 55
    10 Jeffrey Cummins 50
    11 Chuck Poindexter 43
    12 Fernando Ayala 38
    13 Clyde Scott 37
    14 James Satterwhite 35
    15 Ryan Jock 34
    16 Chad Sheffield 31
    17 Trent Wilson 29
    18 Bob Guilitti 27
    19 Richie Price 27
    20 Kevin Hargett 27
    21 Chris Domino 26
    22 Brandon Lewis 26
    23 Eddie Roach 23
    24 Wayne Welch 22
    25 Perry Dunn 21
    26 Brian Heath 16
    27 Travis Brandt 11

  • May 8 Race

    The second of the six race Outlaw series at Texas Motorplex was held last Saturday, May 6 and 20 Pro Mod teams from all over showed up to do battle, Texas style. The weather was perfect which meant the hot rods were happy. Since we had such a high car count, a couple of people stepped up to add money to the purse so we could have a 16 car field. Thank you to Leon Dudley of Charlie’s Plumbing and Randy Shapiro of Bruce Lowrie Chevrolet. We really appreciate it. After two rounds of qualifying, here’s how everything unfolded. #1 Steve Wiley – 3.728 at 203 mph #2 John Sullivan Jr. – 3.757 at 203 mph #3 Bill Doucet – 3.930 at 194 mph #4 Jeffrey Cummins – 3.944 at 190 mph #5 Jim Brinkerhoff – 3.987 at 187 mph #6 Doug Riesterer – 3.996 at 189 mph #7 Chad Sheffield – 4.046 at 177 mph #8 Tony Strachan – 4.105 at 177 mph #9 Gaylen Smith – 4.113 at 162 mph #10 Fernando Ayala Jr. – 4.280 at 167 mph #11 Kevin Hargett – 4.379 at 141 mph #12 Brandon Lewis – 4.417 at 131 mph #13 Eric Clark – 4.570 at 140 mph **Best reaction time, qualifying** #14 James Satterwhite – 4.601 at 135 mph #15 Randy Jock – 4.643 at 154 mph #16 Chuck Poindexter – 4.731 at 154 mph #17 Richie Price – 4.753 at 151 mph #18 Wayne Welch – 4.878 at 139 mph #19 Travis Brandt – 5.605 at 84 mph #20 Perry Dunn – 6.529 at 75 mph First Round: John Sullivan Jr (W) 3.675 at 205.60 (.140 RT) Randy Jock (RU) 6.502 at 76 mph (.031 RT) John Sullivan was on a rail taking the win. Bill Doucet (W) 3.899 at 197 mph (.049 RT) James Satterwhite (RU) 4.500 at 154 mph (.033 RT) The best run of the night for Satterwhite but he couldn’t hold off Doucet’s hard charging hemi in the other lane. Chuck Poindexter (W) 4.681 at 153 mph (.035 RT) Steve Wiley (RU) 4.781 at 111 mph (.158 RT) After not qualifying for last month’s show, Wiley had something to prove and came off the trailer with a 3.72 to qualify #1. This was the biggest upset of the night. Wiley was on and off the throttle trying to get to the finish line first but the “little truck that could” was in the other lane on his best pass so far snatching the win light. Jim Brinkerhoff (W) 4.432 at 136 mph (.099 RT) Richie Price (RU) 4.733 at 151 mph (.018 RT) **Best reaction time, eliminations** Richie filled in for Brandon Lewis who was the qualified car but was unable to make the call. Richie left first but Brinkerhoff had enough on an off-paced pass to take the win. Gaylen Smith (W) 3.840 at 195 mph (.112 RT) Tony Strachan (RU) 4.647 at 113 mph (.097 RT) Gaylen was trying a new combination in the converter and finally got it to work. Tony had to abort the run. Doug Riesterer (W) 3.966 at 185 mph (.072 RT) Kevin Hargett (RU) 5.706 at 84 mph (.070 RT) Kevin was basically testing his new Camaro during this race. He put together some good runs during qualifying but had to abort the run and Doug was cruising right down his lane taking the win. Fernando Ayala Jr. (W) 4.428 at 160 mph (.143 RT) Chad Sheffield (RU) 4.945 at 104 mph (.182 mph) Another upset with #10 getting the win light over #7. Both cars were on an off-paced run. Jeffrey Cummins (W) 3.940 at 192 mph (.043 RT) **Best ET and Top MPH nitrous** Eric Clark (RU) 11.421 at 42 mph (.044 RT) Jeffrey on another great run and Eric shook the tires and had to abort. Round 2: John Sullivan Jr. (W) 3.674 at 206.86 mph (.177 RT) **Best ET and MPH Blown** Fernando Ayala Jr (RU) 4.499 at 129 mph (.045 RT) The battle of the Jr’s was won by John with the fastest and quickest run of the night in the blown category. Lil Fly had a great light but couldn’t hold off the split window vette. Bill Doucet (W) 3.897 at 196 mph (.068 RT) Doug Riesterer (RU) 3.943 at 185 mph (.072 RT) Despite having the best ET in the Nitrous category, Riesterer falls to a very consistent Doucet in the blown Willys. Jim Brinkerhoff (W) 4.304 at 148 mph (.165 RT) Jeffrey Cummins (RU) NT The battle of the nitrous cars, in theory #4 and #5 is supposed to be the closest race of the night. Jeffrey jumps the light and throws away a nice run giving the automatic win to Brinkerhoff. Gaylen Smith (W) 3.880 at 193 mph (.095 RT) Chuck Poindexter (RU) 4.639 at 155 mph (.032 RT) Despite leaving first and running his best time of the night, “the little truck that could” fell to the Texas Bounty Hunter who was on another decent run. Semi Finals: John Sullivan Jr. (W) 3.857 at 194 mph (.053 RT) Bill Doucet (RU) 3.918 at 197 mph (.036 RT) This WAS the closest race of the night when you factor in the reaction times. The MOV for John was .044. Jim Brinkerhoff (W) 3.977 at 188 mph (.049 RT) Gaylen Smith (RU) 4.128 at 150 mph (.110 RT) Gaylen was riding the left retaining wall and aborted the run before tagging it and Jim was on another great run. Finals: John Sullivan Jr. (W) 3.982 at 192 mph (.049 RT) Jim Brinkerhoff (RU) 4.082 at 155 mph (.032 RT) Both cars burped the throttle a time or two and it was John who won the peddlefest. Congratulations to John Sullivan Jr. and his team for their victory and you also got the long distance award driving 8 hours from Macon, TN. We appreciate you coming to run with us and hope to see you again. Congrats also to Jim Brinkerhoff and crew for your runner-up finish. What a night. Lots of plenty fast hot rods. Our next race is June 3rd at Texas Motorplex so y’all come on back!

  • Points update after Race 2

    Points update after Race 2

    1 Gaylen Smith 100
    2 Doug Riesterer 99
    3 Steve Wiley 78
    4 Bob Alexander 70
    5 Clyde Scott 37
    6 Eric Clark 36
    7 Tony Strachan 35
    8 Trent Wilson 29
    9 Bob Guilitti 27
    10 Chris Domino 26
    11 Eddie Roach 23
    12 Brian Heath 16
    13 Chuck Poindexter 11
    14 James Satterwhite 11
    15 Wayne Welch 11
    16 Richie Price 11
    17 Ryan Jock 11
    18 Perry Dunn 10

  • Season Opener – TOPMA 2017 San Antonio

    When Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow on Feb. 2 and declared 6 more weeks of winter, you didn’t hear the Texas Outlaws complaining. Central Texas has had a very mild winter and 6 more weeks in the 70’s and 80’s would be no problem. Every team was busy over the winter making changes and updates to their programs. For the season opener at San Antonio Raceway, 6 pro mod teams had completed their changes and were ready to rock and roll. After two rounds of qualifying, here’s how everything unfolded:

    #1 Steve Wiley – 3.723 at 201 mph **Low ET & Top MPH Blown**
    #2 Bob Alexander – 3.929 at 186 mph
    #3 Doug Riesterer – 4.018 at 184 mph **Low ET & Top MPH Nitrous**
    #4 Gaylen Smith – 4.232 at 150 mph
    #5 Eric Clark – 4.286 at 131 mph
    #6 Trent Wilson – 4.439 at 162 mph **Best reaction time qualifying**

    First Round:

    Gaylen Smith (W) 4.133 at 140 mph (.144 RT)
    Doug Riesterer (RU) 4.846 at 100 mph (.267 RT)

    After 2nd round qualifying, Gaylen broke the track locator bar on the ’57 and thought they were out. Fortunately, Wiley had a heim joint and Team TBH was able to fix the car and make the call. Thank you TGR. Shortly before half track, he shook the tires but was able to get the win light as Doug was having problems in his lane as well.

    Bob Alexander (W) 3.903 at 188 mph (.0669 RT) **Best reaction time eliminations**
    Eric Clark (RU) 4.281 at 140 mph (.071 RT)

    Bob was on a nice clean lap and Clark Bros. shook the tires.

    Steve Wiley (W) 4.116 at 132 mph (.124 RT)
    Trent Wilson (RU) 4.368 at 154 mph (2.466 RT) *Wake Up Trent*

    Wiley launched, shook and lifted before Trent even left the starting line. Trent made a nice lap but it was a day late.

    Gaylen (W) 4.050 at 173 mph (.069 RT)
    Bob Alexander (RU) 8.105 at 56 mph (.075 RT)

    They say it always runs good just before it blows which was true in our case. We didn’t set a world record or anything but made the best run for us of the night and that didn’t come without a price. When we got down to pick up the car, Gaylen said “Hurry, something’s wrong, I felt a bad vibration”. After inspection, we found that we had dropped a valve and was not able to give Wiley any competition in the final.

    Steve Wiley (W) 7.251 at 74 mph (.133 RT) Bye Run

    Due to only having 6 cars in the show, Wiley got a bye run.


    Steve Wiley (W) 7.605 at 59 mph (.260 RT) Competition Bye
    Gaylen Smith (RU) NT

    Wiley shook the tires and aborted the run since he was on another single.

    Congratulations to Steve Wiley and the TGR team for their victory. Congrats to Team TBH for their runner-up finish as well.

  • Home Opener Results Texas Motorplex

    Rain was threatening all around the DFW area with heavy overcast but blue skies were peeking through over the race track. The rain threats didn’t stop 17 Pro Mod teams from attending the Home opener at Texas Motorplex in Ennis, Texas. After two rounds of qualifying, here’s how everything unfolded:
    #1 Gaylen Smith – 3.787 at 197 mph
    #2 Doug Riesterer – 3.967 at 187 mph
    #3 Bob Gulitti – 4.041 at 178 mph
    #4 Chris Domino – 4.050 at 187 mph
    #5 Tony Strachan – 4.053 at 177 mph
    #6 Clyde Scott – 4.059 at 185 mph
    #7 Eddie Roach – 4.371 at 164 mph
    #8 Bob Alexander – 4.410 at 183 mph
    #9 James Satterwhite – 4.512 at 154 mph
    #10 Brian Heath – 4.546 at 155 mph **Best reaction time qualifying**
    #11 Steve Wiley – 4.655 at 129 mph
    #12 Richie Price – 4.715 at 151 mph
    #13 Eric Clark – 4.735 at 139 mph
    #14 Ryan Jock – 4.821 at 145 mph
    #15 Wayne Welch – 5.883 at 124 mph
    #16 Chuck Poindexter – NT left before tree activated
    #17 Perry Dunn – NT broke at trailer

    First round:

    Tony Strachan (W) 4.063 at 176 mph (.084 RT)
    Chris Domino (RU) NT (.070 RT)

    Shortly after launching, Chris Domino got out of shape and made a hard left turn impacting the right side retaining wall. Chris was okay but the car was not. So very glad you are okay, Domino.

    Clyde Scott (W) 3.815 at 199 mph (.016 RT) *Top MPH Blown**
    Bob Gulitti (RU) 4.029 at 179 mph (.053 RT)

    After sitting out for 8 years building his business, Clyde Scott and the TMW team acted like it was just another day of racing. His lights and performance were dead on. Gulitti made a nice run but just couldn’t hold off the Hemi power of Scott’s 1957 Chevy.

    Doug Riesterer (W) 3.891 at 193 mph (.073 RT)
    Eddie Roach (RU) 4.529 at 160 mph (.065 RT)

    Doug cruised right down Broadway taking the win. Eddie shook and had to lift.

    Gaylen Smith (W) 4.732 at 131 mph (.117 RT)
    Bob Alexander (RU) 9.068 at 66 mph (.001 RT) **Best reaction time eliminations**

    Bob, for a blown car, that was a bad job at red lighting. Seriously, great job on the reaction time. Fortunately for us, Bob smoked the tires at the hit because Gaylen was shaking the tires in his lane.

    Semi Finals:

    Doug Riesterer (W) 3.853 at 192 mph (.105 RT) **Low ET Nitrous**
    Clyde Scott (RU) 3.954 at 194 mph (.015 RT)

    This was a VERY close race. When you factor in the reaction times, this was a .011 MOV.

    Gaylen Smith (W) 3.857 at 193 mph (.109 RT)
    Tony Strachan (RU) 5.345 at 86 mph (.086 RT)

    Tony got a slight holeshot advantage but had to lift while Gaylen was on a great run in the other lane.


    Doug Riesterer (W) 3.868 at 193 mph (.090 RT) **Top MPH Nitrous**
    Gaylen Smith (RU) 4.162 at 140 mph (.126 RT)

    Doug left first and never looked back. Gaylen’s car stumbled at the hit and then moved over to the center and was shaking so he aborted the run.

    Congratulations to Doug Riesterer and the Mad Scientist crew for their victory and 4 laps in the 3’s. Congrats also to Gaylen Smith and Team TBH for their runner-up finish as well. Happy 2nd Birthday to Harper Reigh!



  • 2016 Final Points Standing

    Here are the final points standings after waiving one race. Congratulations to Steve Wiley and the TGR team for a well deserved win which broke our 5-year back to back streak. This will be a “treat” for the fans next year battling it out on the track. Can Wiley defend his title? Will Bob sneak in for the win? Will Gaylen bounce back and reclaim this throne? Will the Clark Bros. surprise them all and take it? Tune in next year!!!!

    1 Steve Wiley 485 -27 458
    2 Bob Alexander 448 -11 437
    3 Eric Clark 328 -11 317
    4 Gaylen Smith 324 -25 299
    5 Jay Ligon 224
    6 David Baldwin 171
    7 Chuck Poindexter 167
    8 Doug Riesterer 152
    9 EJ Hickl 135
    10 Eddie Roach 130
    11 Perry Dunn 128
    12 Wayne Welch 104
    13 Marc McClaskey 103
    14 James Satterwhite 83
    15 Kevin Hargett 71
    16 Rodney Parks 56
    17 Spencer Johnson 46
    18 Chad Green 39
    19 Bill Doucet 37
    20 Jeff Naiser 36
    21 Doug Morales 22
    22 Alfred Whiteside 11
    23 Harry Crane 11
    24 Brian Heath 11
    25 Dennis Sugrue 11
    26 James Shafer 11
    27 Travis Brandt 11
    28 Shannon Coan 11
    29 Frankie Taylor 10


  • San Antonio Results

    The final race of the 2016 TOPMA series was held at San Antonio Raceway on October 22nd. A few cars were unable to make the show due to breakage at the last Kennedale race but six hot rods showed up and battled it out on the track. For those following the points chase, all Wiley and the TGR team had to do was show up and they pretty much locked down the championship. After first round of qualifying, an exhibition car oiled down the track from about 200 foot all the way down. It was a very lengthy clean-up but the safety of those competing was the tracks main concern and they did a great job. After two rounds of qualifying, here’s how everything unfolded:

    #1 Bob Alexander – 3.958 at 186 mph
    #2 Doug Riesterer – 3.977 at 191 mph
    #3 Eric Clark – 4.026 at 190 mph
    #4 Jay Ligon – 4.102 at 186 mph
    #5 Steve Wiley – 4.800 at 103 mph
    #6 Chuck Poindexter – 6.544 at 100 mph

    Gaylen and I were there supporting the organization and the track but we found an unrepairable crack in the block and was unable to bring the Bounty Hunter. Blocks are not usually sitting on the shelf nor are they cheap enough to just go buy one unexpectedly. First race we’ve missed EVER!!! We are not good spectators. Rant over!

    Chuck Poindexter broke down on the way to the track in Temple and could have given up and turned around and went home but finally made it in time for 2nd round qualifying. Way to hang in there Chuck.

    First Round:

    Steve Wiley (W) 4.429 at 122 mph (.071 RT)
    Doug Riesterer (RU) 5.788 at 97 mph (.047 RT)

    Doug shook the tires and aborted the run while Wiley was getting down his lane a little better capturing the win.

    Bob Alexander (W) 4.027 at 181 mph (.109 RT)
    Chuck Poindexter (RU) 7.367 at 126 mph (.106 RT)

    Both cars reacted almost identically but Chuck spun the tires at the hit and all he could do was watch Bob hook and reel in the win.

    Jay Ligon (W) 5.311 at 106 mph (.353 RT)
    Eric Clark (RU) 4.355 at 129 mph (-.001 RT) Red Light

    Eric left a smidge too soon giving the automatic win to Jay.

    Semi Finals:

    Jay Ligon (W) 4.099 at 184 mph (.290 RT)
    Steve Wiley (RU) 13.031 at 30 mph (.442 RT)

    I think Butch and Eric must have run up and told their drivers to “wake-up” and go. Jay was on a nice clean run while Wiley shook and rattled and coasted down.

    Bob Alexander (W) No Time (Bye Run)

    Bob was only sporting about 6 cylinders when they were calling them for the round so the crew buttoned it up so he could take the tree and go back to the trailer and fix it correctly. Bob didn’t like doing this because we, as a group, are there to put on a show for the fans but sometimes it is necessary. He did not disappoint in the final though.


    Bob Alexander (W) 3.997 at 185 mph (.078 RT)
    Jay Ligon (RU) 6.028 at 98 mph (.417 RT)

    Jay was caught napping again but Bob was ready for the tree and soared down his lane claiming his 4th win of the season.

    Congratulations to Bob Alexander and the entire StripTec team for their hard fought victory but it wasn’t quite enough to get around Wiley for the championship, finishing 21 points behind. Congrats also to Jay Ligon for his runner-up finish

    A huge “congratulations” to Steve Wiley and the TGR team for their fist TOPMA championship! It was well deserved and premeditated. Over the winter, the team stripped the car down to the bare chassis and re-wired it making certain there would be no gremlins this year. They also came back from a devastating encounter with the wall in San Antonio without missing a beat. I’m sure the candles were burning from both ends that week. That’s what you call perseverance and dedication and the making of a true champion. Welcome to the club TGR.

    Bob Alexander fought a good fight but came up just shy of his goal for the year and that was to better his standings from last year and claim his first championship. He will definitely be one to watch next year.

    If our car would have been ready, we would have been there trying to protect our #3 spot but it wasn’t in the cards for us this year as Eric Clark and the Clark Brothers team snuck by us and claimed that spot. As you’ve all heard Gaylen say at the banquet, he likes speaking last so we will re-group over the winter and came back next year with a vengeance looking to fight off whomever is in our way. Congratulations to Clark Brothers for their top 3 finish.



  • Points update after Texas Raceway, Oct. 8

    Points update after Texas Raceway, Oct. 8.

    1 Steve Wiley 450
    2 Bob Alexander 387
    3 Gaylen Smith 324
    4 Eric Clark 301
    5 Jay Ligon 177
    6 David Baldwin 171
    7 Chuck Poindexter 143
    8 EJ Hickl 135
    9 Eddie Roach 130
    10 Perry Dunn 128
    11 Doug Riesterer 124
    12 Wayne Welch 104
    13 Marc McClaskey 103
    14 James Satterwhite 83
    15 Kevin Hargett 71
    16 Rodney Parks 56
    17 Spencer Johnson 46
    18 Chad Green 39
    19 Bill Doucet 37
    20 Jeff Naiser 36