• Gaylen Smith TOPMA Winner 5/10/13



    Doug Riesterer 3.851@189.98
    Gaylen Smith 3.89
    Thomas Myers 4.16
    Jim Brinkerhoff 4.25
    Eddie Roach 4.30
    Jon Simikic
    Doug Morales
    Kevin Hargett

    Round One:

    Jim Brinkerhoff .051 4.481@155.29 defeated Eddie Roach (.029)Redlight 4.541@155.45
    Gaylen Smith .159 3.905@183.22 defeated Doug Morales .126 4.471@153.30
    Thomas Myers .332 4.226@161.88 defeated Jon Smikic .115 4.562@155.13
    Doug Riesterer .097 4.225@179.92 defeated Kevin Hargett .117 6.416@102.67

    Round Two:

    Gaylen Smith .061 3.939@182.03 defeated Thomas Myers .062 4.163@158.80
    Jim Brinkerhoff .043 4.390@160.69 defeated Doug Riesterer .058 4.554@130.24


    Gaylen Smith 9.499 defeated Jim Brinkerhoff (-.006)Redlight 4.237@166.72


  • TOPMA 4/15/13 @ TXR

    grTexas Grim Reaper

    Last night in Kennedale we were #1 qualifier, ran low elapsed time and fastest MPH, won 1st round and broke valve spring retainer and got bit by the unlucky bug AGAIN! Congrats to our buddy Gaylen Smith and the Texas Bounty Hunter on your 3rd in a row. We are coming after you ya know? See ya’ll again May 10th same time same place.

  • Jaxon Anthony Memorial Foundation

     The Jaxon Anthony Memorial Foundation was created to honor the memory of Jeffrey and Ashley Arnold’s son, Jaxon Anthony Arnold who was born and passed on July 9, 2012.  The foundation gives financial support to families suffering an unexpected infant loss or stillbirth by assisting with the infant burial costs at Skyview Memorial Gardens in Mansfield, Texas; where Jaxon Anthony was laid to rest.

    Annually, the foundation organizes a Clay Shooting Tournament to generate funds to assist with the foundation’s goals. The Second Annual Jaxon Anthony Memorial Clay Shooting Tournament is scheduled for July 13, 2013. Currently, the foundation is seeking a sponsorship and/or donations to ensure that the clay shooting tournament is successful. Any assistance you and/or your company can provide would be greatly appreciated.

    The First Annual Jaxon Anthony Memorial Clay Shooting Tournament, held August 25, 2012, generated enough funds to cover the cost of one infant burial. The family of Logan Christopher Derwin was the first recipient of the Jaxon Anthony Memorial Foundation. The foundation hopes to cover the cost of at least four infant funerals in 2013.  We greatly appreciate any support you might be able to offer. If you have any questions regarding the goals of our foundation, please contact us.

    Sincerely, The Jaxon Anthony Memorial Foundation
    Jeffrey Arnold – Co-Founder          682-365-2366
    Ashley Arnold – Co-Founder           682-560-6894

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  • TOPMA Results – 3/15/13

    After what seemed to be a long winter and a postpone d race due to rain there were 10 teams who made their way to Kennedale, America to kick off the 2013 Race Season. With a packed house (standing room only) here’s what went down after two rounds of qualifying:

    #1 Gaylen Smith – 3.937 at 180 mph (Low ET & Top MPH points)
    #2 Steve Wiley – 4.106 at 173 mph
    #3 Eddie Roach – 4.413 at 155 mph
    #4 Thomas Myers – 4.526 at 131 mph (Welcome back Thomas & Rebecca)
    #5 Bob Rankin – 4.894 at 141 mph
    #6 Doug Morales – 4.979 at 106 mph
    #7 Chuck Poindexter – 5.474 at 148 mph (Best Reaction Time points)
    #8 Bob Alexander – 5.853 at 90 mph
    #9 Kevin Hargett – 6.335 at 126 mph
    #10 Doug Riesterer – 8.769 at 48 mph

    Round 1:

    Bob Rankin (W) 4.961 at 140 mph (.171 RT)
    Doug Riesterer (RU) 8.894 at 70 mph (.110 RT)

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