San Antonio Raceway Results

On a smoldering hot August evening, 10 Pro Mod teams showed up at San Antonio Raceway for the next stop on the TOPMA schedule. After 3 hot, greasy rounds of qualifying, here’s how everything unfolded:

#1 Gaylen Smith – 3.978 at 187 mph
#2 Steve Wiley – 3.991 at 189 mph
#3 Eric Clark – 4.093 at 179 mph *Best Reaction Time
#4 Dennis Segrue – 4.193 at 179 mph
#5 Doug Morales – 4.222 at 173 mph
#6 Doug Riesterer – 4.225 at 177 mph
#7 Alamo Hot Rod – 4.553 at 159 mph
#8 Kevin Hargett – 4.668 at 170 mph
#9 Chuck Poindexter – 4.707 at 149 mph
#10 Bob Rankin – 4.750 at 142 mph

First Round:
Dennis Segrue (W) 4.128 at 185 mph (.075 RT)
Doug Morales (RU) 4.184 at 175 mph (.039 RT)

This was a great race. Morales made his best lap of the night and a holeshot advantage but it wasn’t enough to hold off the turbo entry of Segrue.

Eric Clark (W) 3.970 at 193 mph (.046 RT) *Top MPH
Doug Riesterer (RU) 4.028 at 187 mph (.037 RT)

This was another great close race and despite the slight holeshot advantage by Riesterer, it was Clark claiming the victory.

Steve Wiley (W) 3.912 at 192 mph (.118 RT) *Low ET of the event
Alamo Hot Rod (Sorry, don’t know his name) (RU) 4.599 at 152 mph (.006 RT)

Gotta hand it to the local guy, he was going for the upset win with his great reaction time but it wasn’t enough to hold off the TX Grim Reaper in the other lane.

Kevin Hargett (W) 4.985 at 165 mph (.183 RT)
Gaylen Smith (RU) 27.11 at 9 mph (.067 RT)

What can I say, we put a new belt on for first round like we always do and at the hit of the throttle, the belt lets go. Hargett gets the upset win!


Eric Clark (W) 3.936 at 191 mph (.036 RT)
Steve Wiley (RU) 3.916 at 191 mph (.078 RT)

Side by side 3 second racing; Clark wins on a hole shot.

Dennis Segrue (W) 4.190 at 186 mph (.061 RT)
Kevin Hargett (RU) 4.505 at 174 mph (.056 RT)

Turbo *vs* Turbo – Hargett gave it his all (on skinnies at that) but Segrue was proving to himself after a near fatal crash at this same track several years prior that he ain’t skerd.


Eric Clark (W) NT
Dennis Segrue (RU) NT

Eric was on a solo run since Dennis hurt the motor on his Turbo entry in the semi’s so he stepped it up to see what the track would hold and just as he revved the motor on the 2-Step, the flap that protects the timing system beams from rain closed so even though Clark got the green light on the tree, it looked as if Eric never took off. Eric was on a pretty good run but nobody knows what he ran. All we know is that he got the win. Congratulations to Eric Clark and the entire Clark Bros., crew for their 2nd victory and also to Dennis Segrue for the runner-up finish.

On behalf of all TOPMA racers, thank you San Antonio Raceway for hosting an event on our 2013 Tour.

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